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Centre Induction


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If you are new to bouldering and want to use the centre unsupervised, or wish to bring a child to the centre, you MUST complete a centre induction.  The session covers the basics of bouldering,  some instruction on technique and movement and the safety aspects specific to the safe use of a bouldering facility.

Duration: 1 hour

Ages: 16+

Requirements: Climbing shoes provided for the session.

Cost: £10 per space (call to book – group rate available upon request)

[NOTE: This is a compuslory course for all novice/new climbers and parents wishing to supervise their children before you can use the arena unsupervised] 

Taster Session

If you want to give climbing/bouldering a go and have not tried before, the taster session is a great place to begin.  The taster covers the basics of bouldering,  some instruction on technique and movement and suitable warm-up and cool-down exercises.

Duration: 1 hour

Ages: 7+ (mixed age groups not advised to get the most out of it, unless you are a family group!)

Requirements: Climbing shoes provided

Cost: £10 per space (call to book)

1-to-1 Coaching

Once you have mastered the basics of bouldering, the best way to improve quickly is a 1-to-1 coaching session.  Our coaches are avid climbers, many of whom are well known in the area.  The session will include and initial assessment, training plan and focused development to help you achieve you goals

Duration: 1 hour

Ages: 7+

Requirements: Bouldering French Grade 5+ consistently advantageous, own climbing shoes preferred

Cost: £20 (call to discuss requirements – booking essential)

Schools, Educational and Youth Groups

We offer a range of activities designed for students of all ages and abilities. Sessions will usually occur before 12pm: you will have sole use of the centre!

All required kit will be provided along with qualified instructors to guide the session. Duke of Edinburgh and GCSE provision available.  We are looking to become a NICAS Registered centre, allowing us to provide a structured curriculum to develop students.  (Click Here for information regarding the NICAS/NIBAS Scheme)

Duration: Agreed on an individual basis

Ages: dependant on requirements

Requirements: 1 staff member on-site at all times

CostPOA (Booking Essential)

Outdoor Sessions

We offer a range of outdoor climbing for climbers of all ages and abilities.  Visit our Outdoor Events page to enquire, or give us a call at the centre to find out more…

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