Guidleines in place for Re-opening:

When Rockburn is open once again, there are going to be some changes in how the centre will operate due to government guidelines regarding keeping our customers and staff safe.

These will broadly be encompassed within 3 main areas of the business: Checking in/Out, Customer Flow whilst using the Facility and Whilst Climbing.

Checking In/Out

  • All sessions will need to be booked in advance
  • All customers will be required to check in AND out
  • Bookings will be set using 1-hour time slots. Once your timeslot is over, your climbing finishes.
  • Arrive ready to climb!

Customer Flow

  • Customers will be required to wash hands on entrance to, and egress from, the premises
  • To assist with social distancing, there will be 2m markers on the floor around the building
  • As per our road system, walking toward the rear of the building: on the left – walking toward the front of the building: to the right

Whilst Climbing

  • The climbing arena will be split into blocks.
  • All climbers will start at Block 1 and progress around them in order
  • There will be a time limit per block
  • Liquid chalk recommended for hygiene reasons
  • If clubs/bookings are occuring, areas will be coned off to manage distancing

Let’s work together to climb safely and enjoy our passion!

For more information regarding Corona-Virus and how to manage this please refer to Gov.UK/Coronavirus

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