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  • What is Bouldering?

    ‘Bouldering is rock climbing stripped down to its basic essentials. There are no ropes or harnesses; the only equipment used are climbing shoes and chalk.  Falling happens over safety mats, with willing onlookers ‘spotting’ when required.  The Challenge? to climb short but tricky boulder “problems” (a route, or sequence of moves) using balance, technique, agility, strength, and your brain.’

    To keep things in control, the height limit of climbs at Rockburn are constrained to 4.4m. Routes are graded using the Font Bouldering Grade (see Fig.1): the grade highlights the hardest move required to ‘solve’ the problem.

    The start of a problem will be designated by one of the following options: Sit Down Start (SDS), Crouching Start (CS), Standing Start (SS), Dynamic Start (DS).  It will also highlight how many handholds are included for that problem: either 1 or 2.

    Problems are completed once you ‘Top Out’. This involves touching the highest hold with both hands (matching) before down-climbing and dismounting.

    Fig.1 Rockfax Publications, 2017

    Using the centre

    If you would like to use the centre, please visit the ‘Before Your Visit’ page in the first instance.  It is also useful to familiarise yourself with the ‘Conditions of Use’ and ‘Rules of Rockburn’, here.

  • If a climber 14-17 years of age demonstrates consistent awareness and appropriate behaviour in the centre, they may be invited to complete a junior induction. This would allow them unsupervised access within a framework of continued acceptable behaviour and demonstrated maturity.

Minimum Age Requirements

  • There are two minimum ages for Rockburn:   
    1. 4 Years old – when accompanied by a responsible adult on a 1-to-1 basis. There are set times when we allow the young ones to climb (e.g. Parent and Child session).  This is due to insurance requirements and is non-negotiable.
    2. 7 Years old – when receiving instruction.  A certain level of understanding and maturity is required to get the most out of instructed sessions, therefore, if attending club or other instructed sessions, without a responsible parent climbing, 7 is the minimum age.  The exception to this is after-school club (minimum age 5 however parent MUST be on the premises).

    Supervised Climbing

    U18s are required to be supervised and are NOT allowed to use the centre unsupervised. Ideally a parent/guardian would complete a centre induction and supervise them at Rockburn.  Bouldering is a social sport/activity and great way to strengthen relationships and create shared experiences. We see this as a positive!  A parent/guradian can supervise a maximum of 2 children (if over 6 years of age: 1 if 5 years of age or under).  U12’s are able to climb until 6pm – Evenings are for the grown ups.

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