Rockburn Online

For anyone having issues with registering using Rockburn online, here is a walk through onthe process.

  1. Click here to go to login page (or visit
  2. Enter email address, agree to terms and click continue,
  3. Check your email for a pin code confirmation and enter on the app screen when prompted
  4. Complete your personal details and Digital Waiver by clicking on the buttons on your ‘My Rockburn’ page
  5. Along the bottom there are 2 tabs (My Rockburn/my Family), click the My Family and add any under 18s onto your account
  6. Once a child is added, along the top of their page will be a button asking to complete a parent/guardian waiver
  7. Please go through this carefully – any empty line needs a response and all Yes/No orange buttons need a response clicked. If you get to the end and it is greyed out, you have missed a response.  If you are using a PC, do not scroll with the arrow keys as this will skip 2 responses halfway down (trying to correct this atm).
  8. If you are new to Rockburn, on your first visit we will complete a competency talk or a centre induction, you will need to pay your Rockburn registration and we will complete your account setup.
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