Rockburn LTD

Bouldering Centre in Bridport, Dorset

Climbing Competitions

This years event will take place between June and August.  The event will consist of 3 rounds followed by finals on Sunday 18th August 2019

Age categories for the event are:

  • Whipper Snappers – Under 16s – mixed
  • Young Guns – 16 -35 Male/Female
  • Superstars – 36-55 – Male/Female
  • Climbing Sages – 55+ – Mixed

In order to qualify for the finals, you must compete in at least 2 rounds.  If all 3 rounds are completed, the best 2 rounds will be counted for qualification.  Top 4 + 1 wildcard (drawn from the category participant list) from each category go through to the final at the end of August 2019.

Round 1 – Sunday 2nd June 2019


Round 2 – Sunday 7th July 2019

14 days
Format Redpoint
Format Description Climbers will have 14 days to complete problems on this round. Each problem can be attempted as many times as possible within the timeframe.
Number of problems to attempt 20
Scoring Highest hold achieved in balance per route – points value per hold

Round 3 – Sunday 4th August 2019

Time 12pm – 6.30pm
Format Classic Flash
Format Description Climbers will have a given time limit to complete problems on this round. Each problem can be attempted 4 times.
Number of problems to attempt 20
Scoring Flash 50pts  
2nd Try 35pts
3rd Try 25pts
4th Try 15pts


  • If you are interested in participating in the series, call us on 01308 426375 to join the series, or email us at
  • Cost per Round £10
  • All participants to have an up-to-date digital waiver on our system
  • Standard ‘Conditions of Use’ and ‘Rules of Rockburn’ apply at all times
  • Judges decisions are final, there is no case of appeal against this – we are present at all times and will resolve issues/concerns on an individual basis
  • If any category has less than 5 participants, Rockburn reserves the right to combine this category with an adjacent one
  • More may be added prior to the event!! Updates will be posted when this occurs via Facebook and Twitter.

Event Registration

Date(s)Friday 5th April (from 7pm) – Sunday 21st April – COMPLETED
Cost (per scorecard)£10
Information20 Problems, Mixed grades, unlimited tries to get your best achievement.
(if less than 5 participants in a category, categories may become merged upward)
-Male [mixed]
-Female [mixed]

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