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Bouldering Centre in Bridport, Dorset

U18’s Clubs

Youth Induction

If you are U18 and want to use the centre unsupervised, you MUST complete a Youth Induction.  The session content is covered below – continued usage based upon agreement and adherence to ‘Conditions of Use’ and ‘Rules of Rockburn’.

Duration: 2 x 1 hour

When: School holidays – ask at reception for scheduled dates


Session 1 Safe use of the facility, personal climbing tuition, falling, route assessment and planning, warm up techniques, cool down techniques, basic physiology and biomechanics
Session 2 Assessment on the above information and observation of personal climbing, behaviour and maturity in the facility

Ages: 14 – 17 years

Requirements: Kit provided. Comfortable clothes to climb in

Cost: £30 (call to enquire – conditions apply: ask on enquiry)

[NOTE: This is compuslory for all novice/new/youth climbers before you can use the arena without a parent supervising] 

Climbing Club

Climbing Club is provided to help children whom have a desire to become climbers and progress their skills.  Our coaches are avid climbers, many of whom are well known in the area.  The sessions include development of techniques, strength and skills to enable participants to improve and progress in bouldering.  Club members have the option to try out for Rockburn’s Youth Climbing Squad – try outs will be publicised to the group 4 weeks prior to try outs occuring.

Duration: 1.5 hours


9.00am – 10.40am 10.30am – 12.10pm
Saturday Ages 7 – 11 years Ages 12 – 16 years
Sunday Ages 7 – 11 years Ages 12 – 16 years

Requirements: desire to progress and improve climbing technique and become awesome!

Cost: £7 per session, paid monthly via DD. Shoe hire available separately at £1.50 (call/email in to register – terms and conditions apply*)

After-school club

These sessions are primarily aimed at under 13’s.  The focus will be having fun whilst learning techniques and skills to allow the group to become confident in the use of the facility and participation in indoor climbing. If they progress well in After-School club and demonstrate and aptitude for climbing, there is the option to progress and join the Climbing Clubs (from 7 years of age).

Duration: 1 hour


4pm – 5pm 5pm – 6pm
Tuesday Ages 4 – 5 years (45 mins only) Ages 9 – 12 years
Wednesday Ages 6 – 8 years Ages 9 – 12 years
Thursday Ages 6 – 8 years Ages 9 – 12 years

Requirements: enthusiasm

Cost: £5 per session + £1.50 shoe hire (call in to register – terms and conditions apply**)

T’n Club Drop-in

T’n Club is a session where 13-17 year olds are able to come to Rockburn and climb under the supervision of an instructor.  This allows them to try bouldering with their peers and climb in a safe, but supervised manor.

Duration: 4.30pm until 6.30pm on Mondays & Fridays


  • Parent MUST attend the initial visit to sign required paperwork and be party to ‘terms and conditions’ discussion with participants.
  • Parents/guardians/nominated adults must be contactable and able to attend the centre within 15 minutes of being contacted
  • Continued attendance based on meeting agreed criteria and expected behaviours

Cost: £10 per session (includes shoe hire), chalk bags available at £1.50 per session.

Schools, Educational and Youth Groups

We offer a range of activities designed for students of all ages and abilities. Sessions will usually occur before 12pm: you can have sole use of the centre!

All required kit will be provided along with qualified instructors to guide the session. Duke of Edinburgh and GCSE provision available.  We are looking to become a NICAS Registered centre, allowing us to provide a structured curriculum to develop students.  (Click Here for information regarding the NICAS/NIBAS Scheme)

Duration: Agreed on an individual basis

Requirements: 1 staff member on-site at all times

CostPOA (Booking Essential)

Term and Conditions:

*Climbing club is offered with 2 trial sessions initially, priced at £7 per session.  If they wish to continue after the initial 2 sessions, a monthly direct debit will be completed and will be charged at £30 per month per child.  Climbing Club operates all year, excluding 2 week at Christmas and the summer holidays.  When summer holidays commence, climbing club ends for the summer and all direct debits will be suspended.  Upon commencement of the following years Climbing Club (normally September, after the summer holidays), a new direct debit will commence after children have resigned for the year.  Club members are entitled to rent climbing shoes at 50% discount (£1.50 per rent).

**After-School Club is offered with 2 trial sessions initially, priced at £5 per session.  If they wish to continue after the trial sessions, The remainder of the half-term will be paid in advance (this is done on a pro-rata basis, if joining part way through a term) based upon £5 per session.  After-School Club operates in term time only and excludes ALL school holidays. Club members are entitled to rent climbing shoes at 50% discount (£1.50 per rent).

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