So, it begins.

The realization of a dream and years at uni could finally be paying off.  It is strange that the closer you get to such things, the more your psyche plays up and tries to get you to run! Or opt back for the easy life of unfulfilling employment, working and generating money for others.

Welcome to the Rockburn blog.  I am Will Martin and I will be taking you through this journey of self discovery, doubt, excitement and all of the other emotions and feelings that I am sure will surface on the journey to creating Rockburn.

At this time, I ‘potentially’ have a premises, I ‘potentially’ have some capital to start things and I am getting skittish at the thought of everything that needs to be done on the grand project.

Current causes of angst are: boulder matting, website, social media accounts, state of the world.  On the plus side, being a believer in a higher being, god, whatever terms suits your being, if it is meant to be it shall be.  Got to be pragmatic about these things!

…………….to be continued