Rockburn is being built…and our Crowdfund has been launched!

Rockblog June Update:

We are 6 days into the build now and things are progressing well. Stage 1 is to prepare the building for Rockburn – suspended ceilings have been removed revealing a beatiful panel ceiling and some great building features. The OSB panels have been removed from the walls and obsolete cabling has been cleared. This weekend (17th/18th June) is our first volunteering push to get a big chunk of decorating and prep complete. If you want to help out, drop me a message on any of the contact channels (email, website, FB, Twitter, etc.). The website has a volunteering section; to enter, you need the pasword (#volunteerme). This will provide some information on when we are hoping to complete certain jobs, numbers of volunteers needed and relevant skills. If you do not have those skills, please do not be put off, there is so much to do, I would love you to come and help!

All things being well, Monday will see the start of the wall structure being created and erected. Exciting times…

If you are going to be using the centre, check out our Crowdfund. The benefits are two-fold: firstly, you will be supporting us and allowing things to be completed more quickly, and secondly, YOU WILL SAVE LOTS OF MONEY. Everything that we will be charging for is available at big discounts when you buy it through the crowdfund. You do not have to pay until we reach our target so if we do not succeed (which we will 😀 ) you will not have to pay anything: if we do succeed, you have saved money and gotten a massive bargain…win win situation. Have a look at the AMAzing discounts we are offering on the link below:

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