2 Weeks In …. what is the most important thing at this time in the process of building Rockburn?

Hello people, welcome to Rockblog.

This post is released after 2 hard weeks of work both creating new structures and rennovating the old structure.

Mentally and emotionally feeling the weight of the road ahead, but totally optimistic as this is what I have worked for over the last few years. Spiritually I believe that if something is meant to happen, the universe conspires to manifest and help you realise your dreams…and so it appears to be happening. Synchronicities occuring at key times, along with some apparent set-backs that may actually allow the development to progress in a more beneficial way, when viewed in the right context. Time for hard work, faith, networking and keeping the passion driving everything towards my inner vision of what I am creating.

I have come to realise some key truths regarding what actually matters regarding makes things happen;
1) the dedication and support of family; nephews, cousins, father, sons and daughter and wife. They have been the difference when I have felt over-whelmed by the project, in keeping things on track and moving to the end of this phase..for that I am beyond grateful.
2) our volunteers are beginning to appear more frequently and have all been, for want of a better word, superb in their efforts and enthusiasm.
3) words of advise and wisdom from throughout my life experience saying ‘it is the journey that counts, do not focus on the result incase you miss the most beneficial part of the experience’. So so true, the journey truly does define oneself and test the boundaries and faith of our dedication to achieving your dreams. Thank you to those that offered those words and thoughts.

…in short PEOPLE are that which really matters.  I find myself absorbed by the project at times – these are the moments I make myself remember and let go of the angst about things.  As long as people are here, nothing else really matters; we are the ones that make things happen and instigate change and progress.

More to follow in the coming weeks on this amazing journey. And a cheeky prompt to finish. Please check out the crowdfund if you are going to use the centre. Only 2 weeks left and quite a way to go to get these mega discounted climbing rates and offers. Would rather customers saved money and got to try out the centre…

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Owner and entrepreneur, creator of Rockburn and many other titles and roles that fill our lives (far too many to list).

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