Afternoon to the world.  First post for a good few months…

Rockburn has been up and running for 3 months, which is great news!  I must admit it is hard to keep track sometimes of everything that has been achieved in that space of time, so I thought I would make a note of these things, as much to remind me when things are tough, as to share with everyone.

Since opening, we have:

  • developed a good social community on Facebook, of both users and watchers
  • finished snagging the main arena and reception area
  • started developing and running After-school clubs
  • started developing and running our Saturday climbing clubs
  • completed over 100 Rock Inductions
  • signed off over 100 competent climbers
  • catered for over 150 scouts, beavers, brownies and rainbows
  • delivered taster sessions to over 100 possible climbers
  • set over 250 routes to date (from the whole team!)
  • delivered 15 birthday parties, with 3 more this weekend
  • received numerous 5* Google reviews from people that we have instructed
  • paid a serious amount of bills and invoices
  • employed our first staff and paid them!
  • only had to administer first aid once!
  • changed our ‘next phase’ plans a lot
  • Started the Rock Café
  • created, printed and handed out A LOT of leaflets
  • learned a ridiculous amount in both a personal and business sense
  • built our first batch of volumes
  • developed our mini shop (lots more to come from this revenue stream…)
  • had 10 whole days off (or there about…)
  • delivered our first half term schedule successfully
  • planned our Christmas schedule in good time
  • started promoting and discussing options with local schools and colleges (ongoing)
  • have bookings on the calendar through to March/April 2018
  • increased opening hours – now 7 days a week (limited opening on Monday though – my morning off)
  • so much more but beyond recall at this point…

All in all, a pretty productive 3 months of hard work and development at Rockburn.  What is next?…

There are a couple options, however, Christmas is just round the corner, a couple big targets to hit in the next month and lots to do until the new year commences.  Going to stay focussed in the now and consider the next step in 2018!

Have a beautiful season, if I do not have the chance to see you beforehand, and remember the true value and purpose behind Christmas.  It easily gets lost in the distractions and flashing lights of modern times…