6 Months in…

Afternoon everyone.

A quiet afternoon after a manic half term week – time for a brief update on Rockburn Ltd.

Business is going extremely well and building nicely, we have started on the next stage of development which incorporates a climbing-specific gym into our offering, along with the kitchen prep area being completed (apart from plastering, floor covering and lighting) and the second toilet being almost ready (still, apart form plastering and door being hung – must get round to doing that, easy win for everyone).

Some tough decisions had to be made over the festive season, which have tested friendships and truthfulness – luckily those involved have been amazing and we are all the better for it (thanks Kev and Hannah). As a result I have managed to pay myself for the first time since opening, which is a massive plus in my book, considering we started building June 2017.

Currently challenges in the business include:
1) Heating – we have been using 2 fan heaters to get us through the winter this year due to lack of funds for other options. This has turned out to be ridiculously costly to the business, beyond initial thoughts. We are currently looking for efficient options for just the café area to be heated/isolated from the main arena. Thoughts welcome…cheap PVC double-glazed porch spare, anyone?
2) Staffing – since Christmas, it has been just myself, with my wife assisting, which has allowed us to balance things financially, but is a drain on me, working 7 days a week. Kev and Gillian have kindly volunteered to support us, which has been an unexpected, and MOST welcome blessing – so greatly appreciated chaps. The crux is generating enough business to support both my financial requirements and business requirements. I feel this is getting closer to being achieved – busiest half term so far by a significant margin.
3) Work /life balance – directly related to the above – need to correct this from 90/10 to nearer 70/30 ASAP – so appreciate my family’s support and tolerance at this time, it is not easy sometimes and it is these times where I feel blessed to have the family that I have

It only dawned on me yesterday, whilst having a late-evening, post work chat with my wife that it is almost 6 months into our Rockburn journey. Some massive highs and lows to date….we are still here and feeling as positive as ever that we will continue to create something amazing. Live the dream people….no point waiting for something that might happen when you can make it happen in the now.

Published by Will@Rockburn

Owner and entrepreneur, creator of Rockburn and many other titles and roles that fill our lives (far too many to list).

2 thoughts on “6 Months in…

  1. Keep up the good work everyone, this is a fantastic dream you are sharing with everyone who goes there, it’s a fantastic and friendly environment you have made, you should be very proud of your achievements, best wishes to you and your family in all your endeavours


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