May 2018 already…that went quick!

Afternoon, everyone, it has been a while since I have updated our blog.  Many reasons for this; time, effort, time, more time… an so forth – the adage in business, that time is your most valuable asset, has never been more apparent! Rockburn continues…

We have had snow, super hot sun, lots of rain in the last few months, life and business have been affect by this quite considerably.  Luckily after the snow severely affected business and customer visits in March, we had an amazing Easter holiday, which provided our busiest day, and week, to date!  This, saved us form some tough decisions financially and has proven a god-send.  This last month has been incredibly quiet and once again, we are faced with tough decisions financially, about how to best continue Rockburn.

Many years ago I worked with a man, we shall call him Nigel!  Nigel was a contemporary manager whom thought that whatever the circumstance, your input should always aim for the highest outcome and be instigated in a positive direction.  Wise words and an interesting thought process when things are not manifesting as desired.   I have chosen to step in the footsteps of Nigel at this time and we are pushing ahead with our next development phase to get things moving toward my inward outcomes and desires for Rockburn.

Our climbing gym is progressing…never as fast as one would like…but fast enough.  We are also on the finishing stages of our kitchen/food preparation area, office and second facilities.   Our volunteers and supporters have been beyond praise in their efforts and support for Rockburn, which I am deeply thankful and grateful for, always.

Current priorities: GDPR compliance (almost there – massive thanks to Sophia for your efforts and support – I am beyond grateful!); Finish current build projects before half term (hmmmm … 85% doable); Generally chill out more! I have told many people that stressing out changes nothing – I am realising that it is harder to let go of some things!!nk uiiujhj

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Owner and entrepreneur, creator of Rockburn and many other titles and roles that fill our lives (far too many to list).

One thought on “May 2018 already…that went quick!

  1. Hi Will,

    Thanks for the update- sounds like it’s all been happening! We’ve missed our regular visits so hope to check in soon. Sophia was very appreciative of the thanks – she also said that if she can do anything at all to help just let her know. Honestly happy to help.

    See you soon I hope,



    D Radford-Wilson MBE +44 (0) 7388 945458


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