May 2018 already…that went quick!

Afternoon, everyone, it has been a while since I have updated our blog.  Many reasons for this; time, effort, time, more time… an so forth – the adage in business, that time is your most valuable asset, has never been more apparent! Rockburn continues… We have had snow, super hot sun, lots of rain inContinue reading “May 2018 already…that went quick!”

2 Weeks In …. what is the most important thing at this time in the process of building Rockburn?

Hello people, welcome to Rockblog. This post is released after 2 hard weeks of work both creating new structures and rennovating the old structure. Mentally and emotionally feeling the weight of the road ahead, but totally optimistic as this is what I have worked for over the last few years. Spiritually I believe that ifContinue reading “2 Weeks In …. what is the most important thing at this time in the process of building Rockburn?”

Rockburn is being built…and our Crowdfund has been launched!

Rockblog June Update: We are 6 days into the build now and things are progressing well. Stage 1 is to prepare the building for Rockburn – suspended ceilings have been removed revealing a beatiful panel ceiling and some great building features. The OSB panels have been removed from the walls and obsolete cabling has beenContinue reading “Rockburn is being built…and our Crowdfund has been launched!”

When ‘Ready to go’ actually means NOT …

Welcome to RockBlog May release (vent!)… No posts for a while, have been a busy bee trying to get things sorted and moving.  If this is the first one you have read, I am in the process of setting up a new bouldering centre in my local town.  RockBlog is documenting the process when IContinue reading “When ‘Ready to go’ actually means NOT …”